Thursday, June 12, 2008

What are the odds?!?!

Seriously, what are the odds of two people having the same side of their mouth absess the same time? Sunday, my tooth absessed and I wanted to shoot myself in the head, it would have been less painful. Ry has been dealing with a tooth for a while but his finally sent him to the chair. My tooth came out Monday night by a very nice oral surgeon who assured me that being under, all the way under, was really the best way to go. So, in the morning at 7, Ry gets to have his taken out. By same said surgeon. This, along wtih Amylee's ER visit, her ear infections (which really weren't ear infections), RyLeigh's pink eye, Duncan puking for three days, we are officially done with being sick at our house. It has also put a dent in the New York fund. But I can scrimp in the city if it means I don't feel like I have a nail being shoved into my sinus cavity. A shout out here to my beautiful sisters-in-law Kristie and Natalie for taking care of me and my kids while I was drugged for two days straight. Thanks you guys! I love you.