Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not Quite Ready For This . . .

Yesterday my son turned 7. I haven't had trouble letting my RyLeigh grow up. She is independent, and strong. And really, I could send Amylee out into the world right now and it would never know what hit it. But, Duncan is my tender heart. He mostly has me wrapped around his finger. I think it's a mom/son thing. So here is the conversation that ensued in the bathroom before leaving for his birthday dinner.

Me - "Dunc, get in here so we can do your hair before we go."

Duncan - "WHY? Why do we have to do my hair. We are going to Hungry Bear, NOT church!"

Me - "Just indulge me, okay? Sometimes you have to let moms do things."

Duncan - "You do too much things."

Me - "What?"

Duncan - "You do too much things."

Me - "Like what?"

Duncan - "Like, my clothes. I want to pick out my own clothes." (yes, I pick out his clothes and put them on his bed at night.)

Me - (Shocked in finding out this was even an issue) "Okay. Okay. You can totally pick out your own clothes. That's fine."

Duncan - "Thank you"

So, he's 7 and all the sudden he's all big and wanting to do stuff. Which makes me think, what other too much things am I doing that's driving him nuts and he's just indulging me? He bears his testimony in church now all by himself. (Yes, break my heart wide open!). He wears his white shirt and orange tie and walks up there like he believes every word he's ever been told. And this is only going to get worse. Like, what the crap do I do with myself when he gets baptized and I'm bawling my eyes out? I mean, I can't embarrass the poor kids. Or when he starts junior high ( I swear if people are mean to him I will kick their butts). When he goes on his first date? When he gets his mission call and leaves!!! Or when he finds his bride, and marries her and then holds his baby for the first time?

I thought being a mom wasn't going to be hard this way. The emotional, rip your heart out, hurst so bad to love him so much kind fo hard. I thought it would be the laundry that would kill me. I guess it has: "Mom, I can pick out my own clothes."

Monday, November 2, 2009

Family Photo's! (Long time-no blog. I suck)