Monday, June 2, 2008

Lee-lee's Ouchie

Well, we had our first trip to the emergency room with Amylee. Come to think of it, it was our first trip with any of our kids. I'll have to ask Ry to verify that one. We were at a wedding reception and RyLeigh was walking with Amy to the van. I ran back in to get Amy's shoe I left on the book table. When I turned around, RyLeigh was standing there, holding Amy who had blood gushing out her nose and mouth. I tried not to panick and ran to the bathroom. I was trying to wipe the blood off but it just kep coming. I thought for sure she had broken her nose. She just wanted me to hold her, so after a few more wipes I picked her up and held her to me. At that point, she went limp in my arms. I moved her to a cradle position in my arms and she was out. I couldn't get her to respond to me. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head. It was at this point that I panicked. One of my friends ran to get Ryan who was videotaping the bride and groom's first dance. We couldn't rouse her and her eyes were dialated. WE found a dentist who came and said he didn't think she looked too good and we should probably take her in. Then he added, "But her teeth look great." Nice. Idiot, I can get new ones of those. A broken head can't be so easily found.
I took RyLeigh with me to try to keep Amy awake. We got to the ER where they asked if she had thrown up. I said no. Apparently that's an immediate sign of brain injury. Didn't know that. And with little ones, a brain injury will manifest itself in minutes. With adults, it takes a day or two because our brains are shrinking, and thus have a space between our skull and brains. Babies brains are squished in there.
Anyway, after a few minutes in ER she started to come around and was back to her old cusshead self in about 30 minutes. We stayed for x-rays, just in case. It doesn't look too bad in the picture. This was two days after said accident. Now she's just bruised.


Sashbury said...

Oh the poor little thing!!! I remember all too well Kelly's first trip to the ER for a cut on his head. He walked into the back of his dad's tailgate, (It was down) I hope all is well with you and your family. I talked to Shelly the other day. :) I hope you guys have a BLAST in NY!!


Anaelay said...

Did she fall or hit her head on left that part out! I'm glad all was well...too scary!

Dallas and Amylee said...

Oh my goodness! I would have totally FREAKED OUT! I am so glad that she is okay. My heart is beating so fast. Kids. They're gonna kill us.

Erin said...

Thank goodness she is okay. I would have totally been freaking out! It's crazy how much you worry about little ones. I way more over protective than I thought I would be.