Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's crazy how a pair of shoes can make one so happy. My friend is reading my blog today, so I thought I would write about something. I also realized I said I was going to blog about my "Nunsense" experience, and I have not. So, here is a little post about shoes, AND the show.
See the shoes in this picture? (I hope it uploads). I get to wear those in "Nunsense." Why do I get to do that, you may be asking? Well, mostly cuz I just decided that's how it was going to be. I am not even sure I really ever checked with my director. Robert Anne seems like a green converse kinda gal. And when I put them on my feet for Tuesdays rehearsal, I felt like Benny from 'The Sandlot.' I could have outran a dog, no joke. Except that the first run through of Act II on tuesday resembled a train wreck, the second time we ran it we were super good and I really think my shoes helped. They do rub however against the blisters on the back of my feet, but that's another story I won't bore you with here.
Show Update: It's crazy fun and I love it! Except that sometimes it kicks my butt. This is very hard work that I had forgotten what it felt like. Except that I have never felt like this on stage before. It's very hard to describe. I acted all through high school, some college and community stuff. I guess during all that time I was trying to be good, like if I didn't prove I was good enough to be there the audience wouldn't like me. Or some stupid thing like that. I was always wondering what the audience was thinking of me instead of just giving over to the story and character. It really wasn't that much fun. I stand up there now and I LOVE telling her story. I love singing with my Sister Nuns. I just want to share with the audience how great this little show is. And in wanting to give so much it doesn't feel like it's about me at all. Because before, it was all about me. All the time on stage. And it's super weird, because I use to not wear my glasses on stage. I never really wanted to acknowledge an audience out there. How freakin' weird and stupid is that?! But it's true. Now, I have to wear my glasses. How will I ever see to connect with the people who have come to support us if I don't wear them. And it's weird for me. And I feel super vulnerable about it. And sort of all grown up.
I think it's the shoes.