Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fair Lovin'

We love the state fair! We go every year. We get there about 4:00 in the afternoon. We have to walk around and see all the 'boring' stuff first, then the kids get wrist bands which let them ride on all the rides all night long. RyLeigh started to take Amy on some rides about 9:30 and that was all she wrote. We couldn't keep her off. Her new word, "gain" and the point, happened this night. (As in, again). My kids are carnival freaks themselves. They run from ride to ride for like, four hours. We didn't even leave until 11:30! We had such a good time. There is the cutest picture of the three of them with their heads sticking out of a painting of carrots. But it didn't seem to make it's way to the blog.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Great Things Can Happen at Savers

I went to Savers this week to get a few things for a scene we are doing in my Advanced Theater class. When I walked in I noticed there was only one cashier. I shopped for a minute, grabbed my stuff and realized I only had about ten mintues until my class started. I walked up to check out and the cashier was gone. The manager called her two times to come to her register. There were three of us in line. When she finally came you could tell she had been crying. I felt bad for her, thinking she may have gotten into trouble. The first lady went through and didn't say anything to her. I thought, "If I get the chance I have to say something." So then it was my turn. She said, "How are you today?" And I said good. Then I said, "How are YOU?" And she started to cry. Sob, acutally. I asked her if she was okay and she said,"I am better than okay. I gave up my two children for adoption 18 months ago, and my daughter's new mom just brought her in to see me." I was stunned. And overwhelmed as I could see how emotional it was for her. She went on to say that she had been in an abusive marriage and the only way to get away from her husband and to save her children was to give them up. Can you even imagine?! In order to save her children, she had to let them go. So the father couldn't get to them. I had more respect and admiration for this woman than I can even tell you. I almost started to cry with her. She kept talking and I asked if her daughter recognized her. She said no, but that was okay. Hard, but okay. The little girl had brought her flowers. I felt like I was treading on sacred ground. This bond between mother and daughter. I felt so much peace knowing that in the life to come, they will have time to be together, to know each other. And that baby will realize what her mother did for her. When I walked away, she said, "Have a good day. And thank you for listening." I told her I was honored, and to have a good day too. She replied with, I already have."

Monday, September 8, 2008

Should I be worried?

I have to preface this post sharing with you how much I HATE spiders. It's not just a, 'I am afraid' thing. They seriously make me want to vomit. Like, right now I am thinking of them crawling, and sometimes furry, and I am nauseated. So, last night we unpacked from our Marsh Lake campout and low and behold, we had a stowaway. A very large, black, crawling all over my stair wall stowaway. I gagged. I just couldn't do it. Vision of Mr. Spider jumping at me while I ran to him with my husbands size 12 was just too much. I said, "RyLeigh, get in here." She runs in. I say, "Kill that spider." She says, "No way!" I say, "Please." She says, "No way." I say, "If you loved your mother, you would do this for me. I am going to throw up." She says, "Sorry." I say,"I'll pay you ten bucks." She says, "Really?" I say, "Yes." She says, "Okay." And goodbye Mr. Marshlake stowaway. Now, here's what worries me. Apparently, my daughter will do anything for money. Now, while this was a benefit to me last night, I worry a bit that this skill of doing anything for ten bucks could possibly follow her into her teenage years. So my question is, do we squelch this now and I kill my own spiders from now on OR .. . do I train her to get more money when she does whatever questionable activity she may pursue. Let us pause to take this all in . . .