Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh, I do so love summer!

I just have to say what a great summer I am having. Even with our two weeks of health trauma, I am relaxed, getting some much needed rest and playtime with my family. I love getting up and fixing breakfast for the wee ones. Okay, so it's totally usally cereal, but I have to find a bowl and get the milk out and find a spoon. So, there's work involved there. But I love playing Uno with my little Duncan, and chasing Amylee around my kitchen table. I've already read my first book and am halfway through my second. Next week I'm off to New York!!! Wa-hoo!! With Ryan and my RyLeigh (I can't wait! We are going to see Lion King) and about 37 other family members, friends and awesome students from the high school. I have been working out with my beautiful sister-in-law every night. We go walk the track and run stairs at the high school by my house. She motivates me to push harder. I get to sit and love and kiss on her new baby this summer. Visit with my courageous mother-in-law as she fights the cancer, and take dinner to my mom in the rehabilitation center. I'm a real person in the summer. I don't have people saying, "Mrs. Thorne," every five seconds. I don't have deadlines. My most important decision of the day is what to make for dinner. I make muffins. I read the paper! That never happens during the school year. I sit on the love sack and watch an afternoon movie with Dunc. I help my RyLeigh organize her room and we paint fingernails. All this may sound trivial, but it's things I don't get to do 9 months out of the year. I am not complaining mind you. I love, love my job. But it feels so good to be normal for three months. Well, as normal as can be expected.


Dallas and Amylee said...

Isn't it interesting how the teeny little things like painting fingernails and watching movies sometimes feel like they could move mountains? You are the best. I still can't believe how generous you have been to me. I love you guys! I need to come down one day and have a play day with you and the kids.

cole linnae said...

okay, so i comment on like every one of your blogs..but whatever. anyway, this is the bestest cutest one ever. ever ever. youre so tender hearted, and you rock at being a mom.

Erin said...

That makes me think of the primary song, "oh what do you do in the summer time?" In your case it is....whatever you want! Have a blast in New York. I'll be thinking of you guys.