Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do you Amylee, take Taylor, to be your . . .

How stinkin' cute is this picutre! Oh my gosh. He actually looks a bit unsure about the whole thing. This is Taylor. He is my best friends grandson. We have decided him and Amylee should totally hook up. His mom said he's been a bit aggressive lately. And Amy always is. I think things would run smoothly at their house.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So, how are the Mom's?

My sister-in-law Kristie is one of my best friends. Even if we weren't related I would need her in my life. She helps me be more spiritual, a better wife and mom and I can make her laugh so hard she almost pee's her pants. Case in point: her little baby Ethan was quite sick last week with a fever that had no cause. No other symptoms like an earache or anything. Well, when a 3 month old runs a high fever with no symptoms doctors don't like that. To make a long story a bit shorter, she ended up with Ethan down to Primary Children's emergency room. Her husband was out of town so I went with her. We get there and she hands me Ethan so she can talk to the receptionist. I was worried, thus I had a worried expression on my face. Kris was worried to and I kept telling her it was okay. I'm pretty sure I put my arm around her or touched her knee in a re-assuring manner. NOT, I repeat, not at all like a lesbian. However, every single person who helped her thought I was the other mom. Serioulsy. Someone asked "US" if we had insurance. Then the dr came in and asked how the 'Moms' were. I was about dying and wanting so badly to lean over and kiss Kristie. I didn't want to say anything because she wasn't in a joking mood. But I couldn't help it. After the dr left I thanked her for being my lesbian life partner. We laughed so hard. So hard. Not to make fun of lesbians. Just, well, picturing me as her life partner was just too much. We could have really gotten the staff going thinking we were. But I decided I better not. Just way too much fun in an emergency room. (PS, little Ethan is okay. )

Saturday, August 2, 2008

"All Night Strut"

Here is a picture of my most cutest cast for the Clearfield City Production of "All Night Strut." They are the most fun group of people I have worked with in a long time. Roger, the moustache man, was my very first musical director ever. He is so very talented and I made him be in the show. 5 of the eleven (Rachel, Jon, Erik, Shelly and Kelsie) are former students who I never thought I would get the chance to work with again. I love them! Deanna, the gorgeous blond in middle, Cheryl whose face is somewhat hidden and Kris are all new friends to me. Roger brought them along for the adventure and they are hilarious. I am so grateful they showed up. Not only to perform, but to be great friends. The cute blond in the middle is Ginny. I worked with her 14 years ago and by chance saw her in Wally world three months ago and begged her to come and play. The cool dude in the back is Todd. I have worked with two of his daughter in my program at Davis. He is such a great man. This show has been a highlight of my summer. I havent' directed summer stuff in 13 years and this was definetly the show to come back with. Come see them! Not only are they talented, they know what it means to perform and give of themselves to their audience. The show runs August 14, 15, 16, 18 ay 7:30pm in the Clearfield Amphitheater. (Behind the Clearfield Library). The show is a musical revue of 1940's/big band/WWII music. It's great fun!