Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shhhh, don't tell anyone . . .

Okay, so I'm gonna tell you something. Let us never speak of it again after tonight. I'm going to whisper it, so read closely: ienjoyedmyruntonight. Please don't say it out loud! My crazy running sister-in-law and wacked out running friends will hear you and then they'll be all over me like sweat on a sports bra. I have noticed I enjoy running more when I'm stressed, irritated or flat out pissed off at someone. Maybe it's because when I'm the aforementioned situation where that emotion arises, I don't feel like I'm going anywhere. And when I run, well, we're bookin' it around the track at the Clearfield Acquatic Center.
I'm still in audition hell. But here are a few things that have made me happy this week:
I have a new dishwasher. My husband bought it. God bless him.
I have a new Oak Ridge Boys CD that I found at Wally World for 5 smackers. Yeah, that's right, I said the Oak Ridge Boys. Judge me, why don't ya.
I have fresh flowers in the vase on my kitchen windowsill. (I don't think that's one word. Oh well.)
I get to eat chips and salsa with my cutest little friend tomorrow.
I found a necklace of garlic gloves in my prop room. I have hung them on the lamp that sits by my door in my class room. (I think that is one word).I plan on keeping them there to ward off evil parents next week after my lists go up. If a particularly nasty parent shows up, I may stand up and put it around my neck, grab the nearest wooden stake I can find, and trust me when I tell you there are a few of those in my classroom, and take matters into my own hands.
Oh, and if someone asks me 'is that okay?' one more time things are gonna get ugly.


Clyda and John said...

Oh monkey, I love all your recent posts!! They make me miss you bad. Good for you on enjoying running, even if it was only once. I decided I should start exercising and every time I go running (okay, so the two times I have actually gone) I think I am going to DIE!! And the whole time I keep repeating over and over in my hate, "I hate running!!" It makes for an enjoyable 30 minutes of torture. But at least I seem to not be yelling at my kids as much so I think it is probably a good thing.

And good luck with the parents. You couldn't pay me enough to do your job and have to deal with those maniacs. My one goal as a parent is to never assume my kid is brilliant and be mean to their teachers. Wish me luck and hang in there.

Amylee said...

You need to read a blog.
It's so funny I pee every time. That's all I say about that.

You should wear the garlic necklace at all times for the next week. Maybe it will also ward of suck-ups and overachievers.

k.k. chamberlain said...

Amy's right. You'll die. It's the best blog ever. You must start with this post. I laughed so hard.

Krystle said...

So I'm really trying to remember how I found your blog but I don't. But it makes me miss you! I'm totally not a runner except for when I'm stressed or angry so I understand! Best of luck with the list! I think you're awesome!

-the half teacher

Jim and Sue said...

So I like to run as well, but on the DHS track or the Lagoon trail. I don't look like I like to run, but I do find some kind of perverse enjoyment from doing it. PS: I also like the Oakridge Boys.