Thursday, April 28, 2011

Super Blessed

So, these two weeks at work are a bit stressful. I try to find the joy in it as well and it does exist. I am holding auditions for my Musical Productions class and Advanced Theatre class. In all, I will have seen 200 kids by next Friday. I keep saying to myself, "It's just high school, it's just an audition. It's not that big of a deal." But really, it is a big deal. I have seen lives change because of the relationships made in these classes. Friends made who will be friends for eternity. I feel a responsibility, that I gladly take on, to make sure each student is evaluated thoroughly so I can make the best decision possible for them. I am given insight that I really shouldn't have when it comes to knowing who should be where. I am grateful and humbled that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to take care of these monkeys.
I am super blessed because I have people in my life who check up on me EVERYDAY to make sure I am okay. My sweet principal who is just about the most dedicated man I've known, encouraged me to take the day off to go hear my dear friend Liz speak at women's conference. He needed me to sit in on interviews today for a new choir teacher, and instead, told me to 'be gone!' I have recently acquired a new friend(don't you love new friends!) who delivered to my desk today my favorite Gluten-free Red Velvet Cupcake because she knew I 'needed a little boost of love.' My friend Liz asked how I was, in the middle of the most anxious week of her life, she wanted to make sure I was doing okay. My sweet seniors check in with me everyday. Landon brought me food to last through the week; they text, pop their heads in, ask if I'm okay and if I need anything. My friend Syd comes and organizes all the forms so I can take them home and look them over. I mean, do you get what I'm saying?! It's like my Heavenly Father penciled them all in to make sure they have my back. And then, there is my husband. Where to even start. He gets this. He gets me. Two very important things. And when he says he'll be here for me, he is. And he lets me talk and gives THE best advice on what to do or where to go next. I can breathe when I get home because of him.
I just wanted to get this all down.


cole linnae said...

the thing is, is it really is a big thing for you to decide who gets in and who doesnt. because it really DOES change the rest of their life for the students who make it. t.r.u.s.t.m.e.

glad i'm not you, but only for that reason =)

Amylee said...

You are so funny, and so in tune. I love you dearly and I love that you know how important these classes are. And, I love Ryan. Isn't it so nice to be married to your happy place? Keep it up. In a month you get to totally crash. If I lived closer I would bring you some cheese. Cheese makes everything better.

Erin said...

It is true, the friends I made those two years in advanced are my BEST friends, and always will be. Thanks!

Sydnee Marie Laverne Taylor said...

It's so true. I was talking to my mom about this because Scott just auditioned. My exact words: "she (you) changes lives." Thanks for everything, Andra! I have been truly blessed from being in your class. Every time I hear a song we sang or danced to I tear up. Not because of sadness, but pure joy. I love you! Good luck these next few weeks. You're in my prayers. :)

Taylor Family said...

I LOVE YOU. You do get it. Thanks for being one of my best friends. Thank you for always being intune. You are amazing. Make it through the next few weeks and then we can party!!!! Love you Kristie

Miss Kris said...

Just reading your post about auditioning makes me nervous, and I auditioned for you 12 years ago! I guess I never thought about how stressful it is for you on the other side :) Thanks for saying yes, Andra, and for changing my life too. So glad to see you have people who change yours as well!