Friday, March 5, 2010

Maturation Class

Me - "RyLeigh, when is the day you have your meeting at school on turning into a woman,"

RyLeigh - "I think it's the end of this month."

Me - "I promise I won't embarrass you."

Long pause . . ..

Me - "I promise I will try not to embarrass you."

RyLeigh - "You better come late and sit on the back row."

She knows me too well.


Erin said...

For some reason I think 'maturation' is one of my least favorite words. She does know you too well!

Dallas and Amylee said...

Ha ha! RyLeigh is so funny. She's so quick already and has a sense of humor that is advanced for her age. I love it. I love her. And you. And maturation class.

k.k. chamberlain said...

HAH! I tell my kids RULE #1 all the time. Except I've upgraded it to include NO TOUCHING. WHATSOEVER.

Andra said...

Kalie! Is it just me, or do you get really distracted when your kids start touching each other!? I mean, I can't even finish my thought I am so distracted. It actually really creeps me out.

Cam said...

This is completely unrelated. You were at my church for Judd's farewell and you totally ditched out before I could come with my little guy and say hi. I was crushed...