Sunday, January 24, 2010

You Know It's Gonna Be A Great Sabbath When . .

You know it's gonna be a great Sabbath when you stand up to lead the singing in Sac meeting and no one is joining you. And I mean, NO ONE is singing. And they are looking at their hymnal, and up at you, seriously confused. And you're like, "Oh hell, the transpose button is up again." So, you end the song as the soloist and let the organist know that the transpose button needs to come down. And she says,'I don't know anything about organs." Oh good. Super happy we have some knowledge on the bench today. So, she leans over and says, "I got it."
Then we start the sacrament hymn. Not good. So not good. If we had been singing any higher I'm pretty sure we'd a been singin' with the hosts of Heaven on this one. And I'm trying not to laugh at everyone singing high, really high. And all my spirituality flew straight out the window and one time I thought I saw the 2nd counselor looking over at me but I'm like, "Hello? You want me to stop the song right now and fix it?" I mean, cuz I would have, you know?
So after the sacrament on the way to sit with my kids I sit down at the organ and she has turned the transpose button up FOUR times! We were singing these songs four steps up from where we should be!
Hahahahahahaha, oh my, hahahahahaha!!


Erin said...

Nice! Why was she called as the Organist? You get a gold star for not laughing!

Dallas and Amylee said...

I love church. A bunch of imperfect people gathered around to try and reach perfection. It doesn't get any better than that.

k.k. chamberlain said...

Bahaaaahaaaaaaa! I love that story.

Snick said...

You win. Period.