Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For Amylee, Erin, Whitney and anyone else who may be . . .

Maybe I'm Watching Atoms Order
by David Thacker
In the ultra sound I see five fingers
stretching out. Stretching and back. Expand,
contract. What are they reaching for? Is it
a game babies play-practicing for catch.
Or are they thinking of what it will
feel like to grasp hands and be
ridiculously in love. As those
fingers form, do they look forward to that?
Or maybe I'm watching atoms order.
My physics book tells me that atoms
that make up a baby originated in
stars. Hydrogen, carbon, oxygen-
all atoms waiting and hoping to be
five fingers in the ultra sound-waving
to me. Feeling small and quiet, I wave back.

Take care of yourselves my friends. I love you.


Dave said...

Well, I'm not expecting but it's nice to read some David Thacker again. :)

Erin said...

That just made my day start off right. After being sick last night, I'm smiling this morning. Thank you!

kalie and kevin chamberlain said...

I heart this! Thank you! (If you're wondering...NO.)

Andra said...

Was not wondering Kalie. I know when you are you will tell me.
love you!

kalie and kevin chamberlain said...

I love you too! I want more Dave poems.

Hammers said...

Awwwe. Good ol' David Thacker.

Shelly said...

That was aww inspiring. Really makes you think about the universe.

Dallas and Amylee said...

I love this poem. I begged a copy off Dave back before I was even thinking about getting pregnant with Will. It's so beautiful. It's so true.
I love you friend! Hope to see you and your family soon.