Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You know what?

You know what I don't like? People who don't say their sorry. People who make it all about themselves all the time. People who want the experience with none of the work. Those same people who ask me if 'it's okay' to miss something or leave early or whatever. People who make me go to meetings that will benefit me zero. Thinking something is between you and someone else but it's really not. Spiders.
You know what I do like? When great things happen to great people. And I get to sit by and watch.


Brittney Ann! said...

um I pretty much love you! and I need to bring my baby by so that you can cuddle with and hold him. He's pretty cute!!

Amylee said...

Yes. To all of this. Nothing better than seeing great things happen to people you love.

And nothing WORSE than seeing terrible things happen to people you love.

Good luck at school! I'm thinking of you so much. You can do it. You are so important in these kids lives. You already know this. Blah, blah, blah, I love you. Call me if you want me to workshop so you can go see your family. Heaven knows I like taking a break from mine sometimes!