Saturday, June 19, 2010

Soaring . . .

Tonight I watched my sweet mother-in-law take some of her final breathes in mortality. I find myself this evening grateful for a myriad of things. I am grateful that I got to share in this part of her life. I am grateful for the family she raised, they are truly my best friends. I am grateful to have watched her and Dad at the end; the compassion, the tenderness, the eternal companionship. I am grateful for her testimony that she was bearing even at the end. I am grateful for a Savior who broke the bonds of death, who denied the grave it's claim and rose from the tomb, for He made it possible for me to let go. And even though my mortal body is grieving this most poignant loss, my spirit tonight is soaring at the very thought of her reunion with her Mom and Dad, her many sweet pioneer friends and her catching up with her two beautiful granddaughters. As sad as I am that her physical presence is no longer with me, that is how much happiness she brought to those who were waiting for her on the other side.
We grieve deeply because we love deeply.
Farewell Mom . . . for now.


Sandy said...

Andra - what a sweet tribute to your mother-in-law! I am so sorry for your loss. As you said, it is a good thing to know the things we know through the Gospel of Christ. The Plan of Salvation gives us all such hope in light of such deep despair. May that knowledge comfort you and Ryan during this time.
My love to you and your family!

Clyda and John said...

What a beautiful way to honor your mother-in-law. I know she fought a good fight and there is peace in knowing she is no longer suffering, but it still hurts that we are the ones left behind. I am so sorry to hear of your guys’ loss. I was not fortunate enough to know her myself, but know she must have been a great lady to have raised such a good guy like Ryan. Wish I could give you both a hug right now. Miss you guys and love you so.

Erin said...

I felt the same things when I was with my grandmother as she passed away. Sweet is the peace the gospel brings.

Amylee said...

So bittersweet. How wonderful to know that she is released from her pain. My thoughts are with your whole family. I love you guys.

joven said...

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