Sunday, February 8, 2009

The "S L A B's" in concert, One NIGHT ONLY . . .!

Here we are, in our first official photo shoot. This evening was inspired by stress. These three women have had some stress in their lives as of late, and there's nothing like banging away on the drums to relieve said stress. Liz is inspiringly(I don't really think that's a word, but you know what I mean) good on the guitar. Bonnie rocks the mic and Syd is our drummer. (As you can probably tell, we didn't get a whole lot accomplished with Bonnie on drums). And, we were retarded for a minute and had to do "Band on the Run" like four times before we weren't booed off stage. And the costumes, well, I went to Wally to make us shirts with our band name and ran into these. And they sparkled. And I had to buy them. I mean, you have to have glitter to be in a band for hell's sake! Big shout out to RyLeigh who helped us all night long pick songs and change our difficutly level. The average age in this group was like 43ish, (that's if you average the three former D'ettes with the young, prettier version of them all. I'm actually guessing on that average because I have no idea how to really average it). Anyway, we were stupid and RyLeigh had to help us.
I love our band! And I love my band members. "Rock on, Rock on, today!"


Dallas and Amylee said...

Yes. You do rock.
And, I can't believe all those girls were D'ettes. How embarrassing for them :o).

Erin said...

You may remember another good way to get out stress is to use a broken broom and bang it on a matress. Matt Farr, Ryleigh and me sure got some stress out that day!

I can just see me and Amylee and Whitney doing that a few years from now!

Anonymous said...

ha ha that gave me not just a little bit of joy reading that. Rock on!

Scott and Shelly said...

You guys rock! I wanna play, but someone already has my color. :o)

Amelia said...

You KILL me! And inspire me! Thanks for that! :)