Monday, December 29, 2008

Working Down the Line in 2009

The following list is NOT a list of resolutions and or goals. Although, I have always been very good at making a New Year's resolution and keeping it. These are just things I really want to do in 2009, things I am so looking forward to and things that I"m not going to slit my wrists over if they don't happen. This may be an ongoing list if I can't remember them all right now.
1. Go away with Ryan and company for our 14th wedding anniversary. We always take our kids with us on our anniversary get away. It's such a blast.
2. Visit Paris and London with my great friend, Kelly. I have to each lunch on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower and stand at the Globe Theater and cry.
3. Marsh Lake with Ry's whole family. If you know me at all, this is just a given. We do this rain or shine or illness.
4. Work out with my husband at the Clearfield Aquatic Center. We bought a family pass, good for a year. I am not working out to lose weight. That, my friends, will never happen. But to just go with him, to do something together. He's lost about 60 pounds and wants to keep feeling great. I am so proud of him!
5. I need to go get a massage at least twice a month.
6. I am going to go tan once a week. THis is not for my body, but my mind. If you know me, you'll know what I'm talking about.
7. I want to stay more connected to friends who have been there for me.
8. Add #4 to our family! I am very excited for this.
9. I get to direct "Peter Pan" or The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up." I can't wait to fly~~


Hammers said...

I can't wait for a #4 either! Your blog is super! Peter Pan is one of my favorites! I will defineitly be there.

Ty and Laura said...

Ry has lost sixty pounds?! What a hottie. Can't wait for Thursday.

cole linnae said...

countin down till april 2010!!!

i hope thats right. thats what ry told me anyway. hoorah for numbah fouurrr. hope he/she and or twins have ryleigh's smile, duncans humor, and amys sass.

Dallas and Amylee said...

Oh my goodness! This list gives me chills! I'm so excited for you and the places you'll go.
PS- I was looking at Nicole's comment and I thought she said she hopes #4 has Amy's ASS. Wouldn't that also be fabulous?
Let's be pregnant together again, shall we?
Also, NOTHING makes me happier than Pan... and I'm not meaning the cooking kind.
Way to go Ry. I need a Ryan hug these days.

cole linnae said...

hahahahhahahahah amy's ass.

Erin said...

There's nothing I like more than a good 1 hour massage...except for maybe a two hour massage. So I'm confused, are you pregnant then? I love that all my favorite people are having babies!

Amelia said...

Hello dear friend! I love your 2009 list- I must comment on a few.

-I hope you enjoy your trip with Kelly. It was one of the best things I did. I didn't make it to London though, so cry a tear at the Globe for me.
-Oh, a massage sounds nice...
-I guess I missed the memo. Are you currently expecting, or is #4 in the planning stages?
-I'm excited for you to do Pan. I just interpreted Jim's Pan on Saturday and it was a blast!! What a fun show!

You won't believe how big my little monkey is now! Let me know when you can get together. It's been too long!