Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Tell Me I'm a Dork . . ."

So, the musical "Lion King" has a song in it where Scar sings, "Tell me I'm adored. Please, tell me I'm adored." We were driving in the van tonight listening to that CD and Ryan says, "Did he just say tell me I'm a dork?" Well, that's all it took. My kids started laughing and we had to listen to it about ten times. Every lyric in the song turned into a lyric about a dork. Dork, dork, dork, dork, dork. With my kids laughing their guts out in the back of the van, and Ry and I laughing in the front, RyLeigh says, "Oh man, that's never gonna get old."


Andrew and Kristi Hill said...

No way I just found your blog through my tracker, I am so happy to see you! You look amazing. I am happy your family is doing so well. Can I add your blog as a link?

markolopia (mahrk-uh-LOHP-i-uh) said...

Ha! I love classic family-bursts-out-laughing moments! We had one when Jud was younger, and he felt very passionately about a certain family night obligation... Ask him about it sometime.

Dallas and Amylee said...

Ha ha ha! He definitely has a talent for that. (As evidenced by "under pressure" as well).