Friday, July 25, 2008

Get Use To Those Bars, Kid!!

In a 25 minute time period the other day, my daughter had:
1) Ripped down my front room window curtains.

2) Dumped her macaroni and cheese on my kitchen floor and danced on it.

3) Poured her brothers paint water (green) on my carpet (beige).

4) Smacked her brother twice

5) Climbed on my kitchen table and dumped salt all over the place.

Now,you are thinking, "Where is this girl's mother?"
1) Re-hanging the curtains

2) Wiping up squished macaroni and cheese

3) Cleaning my carpet

4) Hugging the brother

5) Wiping and sweeping up salt.

Below is a picture of what I had to resort too. Confined to her crib with a book because I was going to kill her. My parting words were, "Get use those bars, kid!"


Clyda and John said...

Oh Andra. I feel your pain. We are in the same boat with Bennett. It is one mess after another. I really think these two should hook up and then they can have children just like them. Pay backs are sweet!

Dallas and Amylee said...

I love her!!! You can bring her to my house if you want, and we can make a huge mess together. (After all, unfortunately, I still do make HUGE messes.) You are so sweet- there's no way I'm as wonderful as you make me sound. Thank you! I can't wait to play for Shakespeare!

shellys said...

It's days like that (I guess hours in your case), when you are ready to retire from motherhood, when you have to lock yourself in your room for fear that you might kill one of you kids (or invoke some sort of bodily harm to someone who is in the wrong place at the right time)... Yes my friend it's days like that that we keep a couple of pints of ben and jerry's in the freezer and a large frothy coke in the fridge.

Erin said...

I'm glad I'm not the only who struggles. I swear, at least once a week Tyler tests his boundaries...and it drives me nuts! I'm a bad mom, I take away his blanket when he goes on time out in his crib! Yet all it takes his a hug or a smile to make me melt. They sure know how to work the system!

Alyn said...

Pretty cute in a bad way :) Much the same happens at my house with Curious, Mischievious, and Ambitious AKA the Bone Boys!